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Betty Dorotik

I moved to Camano Island in 1991 and took a local once a week watercolor class to meet artists. Living with nature I fell in love with wildlife and enjoyed bird watching, beach walking, and gardening.  I planted things that would attract birds…hummingbirds mainly,  but then fell in love with all kinds of birds.  My art became mostly about birds and still is today. My favorite medium is Watercolor but I have also experimented with  Colored pencil, and Acrylics, and fabric and paper collage. My art can be whimsical or realistic or both. I scan my Originals to produce Artcards which I am most known for and keeps me maybe too busy.  Art is always teaching me to stop and notice, to mentally photograph a beautiful sunset or sunlight filtering through trees, to be grateful for life and the ability to put something on paper that brings a smile or causes someone to stop and reflect. I have made many friends through CAA and the Studio Tour which I have participated in almost all of them.  Thank you for viewing my page. My website is