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Evie Maye B.

Evie Maye is a surreal focused artist nestled onto an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She started out in vet school because of her focus on biology and nature in general after being apart of an experimental surgery for a heart defect at as a child. However, quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. After her first year of college, another divorce in the family, and her step father suffering a stroke she found herself with no motivation, no money and no job.

After dropping out, 6 months of job hunting ensued. During this time she started painting and drawing, picking random colors and just scribbling to see what came out. Eventually she found a job as a cashier at the local co-op which would solidify that art was her path and throw her into even more situation that inspired growth. She made her first sales to people there and many of the other employees were artists which gave her hope. Fast forward a few years after leaving a toxic relationship, COVID came about. This gave her the time to really focus on art and the space to discover she is Autistic and ADHD, springing her to change her life and how she goes about handling the chaos of it all. She got her degree in marketing management, moved to help her stepfather, and started making art her main focus.

She now owns three businesses. RudeMaye is the main focus which is a collection of her work. She also makes natural stone aquarium decor and is a billing specialist for therapists. Her love of color is very apparent in her work and lifestyle, focusing her interests on ethereal creations that incorporate historical, scientific, and natural references. She enjoys painting the “otherness” of people in surreal portraiture and creating abstract or geometric backgrounds for them to land on. Funny enough she still likes to pick colors at random, she’s a firm believer that art makes itself to some degree. As she says:

“It always works out. The random colors consistently create something unexpected and end up being cohesive. I just have to figure out how they want to be applied, although sometimes they do it for themselves. The amount of random spills and paint bottle explosions that turn into amazing things is shocking. If you roll with the punches beautiful things can happen.”