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John Ebner

About John Ebner – SmallJohn Ebner began a unique, life-long journey of discovery while growing up on his family’s farm in Sublimity, Oregon. His enthusiasm for life and never-ending curiosity were energized through freedom on the farm and the adventures with three brothers, one sister and loving parents. In the seventh grade, John submitted a collection of his drawings of birds and flowers to his grade schoolteacher and was surprised his work received so much praise. He continued drawing and painting and eventually enrolled in art school.

As an adult and needing to earn a living, John was engaged as a manufacturer’s representative, covering the Northwest and continued to explore painting in his spare time. With his love of art and his creative spirit, John’s path of discovery took an interesting turn. What once was a hobby turned into a passionate dedication and his talent flourished. Continuing to support his family he began developing his artistic skills, produced an assortment of paintings and delivered them to a local gallery. To his surprise, the gallery contacted him a short time later saying all paintings have been sold and requested he create more. Further sales and requests brought John the realization he just might be able to support his family by painting full time and presented the idea to Paula. She wholeheartedly agreed and from that point forward he devoted his life entirely to his art.

The next step in John’s journey of discovery answered that question and served as a critical turn in the road. From the beginning of their marriage, John’s wife Paula, had served as his main source of encouragement and inspiration. Perhaps sensing that John was ready for a major change, she signed him up for a watercolor course. Over the next few years John’s popularity grew, the demand for his paintings increased and he is now considered one of the Pacific Northwest’s most admired and collected artists. His life-long love of the Pacific Northwest is revealed through the countless, compelling vistas he has captured. His curiosity always drawing him to the next step, newest technique and desire to see beyond the obvious. Although reluctant to define his own work, preferring that it speak for itself, he admits that the magic of water has served as an element continually engaging his imagination. He frequently returns to explore the serenity and essence of waterfalls, rivers, seascapes, and beaches that invite him to look beyond the mist. His unique and recognizable motif of Rain People huddled under umbrellas, strolling on an ocean beach or lingering on a city street add a timeless and ethereal dimension to his work. John’s artistic journey continues as he experiments and explores new forms, subjects and techniques. He is forever grateful for the many emotional rewards his art provides him as well as the gratification and joy voiced by others who see or own his work. Ever humble, ever curious, John is still looking to discover what lies on the other side of the mountain or beyond the mist.