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John Hadley Jr.

I had an art class when I was a youngster going to school in Switzerland and in the springtime, I was on a rowing team. I came back to Los Angeles, got a degree in Architecture and practiced for over 50 years. When I turned 70, my wife gifted me with a scull, and at 75 my children gave me painting lessons. All of my life I have been outdoors either at the beach or in the mountains. I am inspired by the vagaries of Nature, and I have used it constantly in my professional life. I became a full time resident of Camano about 5 years ago, started rowing and painting again after a long, long layoff. The clear air of Camano, the vibrancy of colors, the sounds of nature gave me the inspiration to express my emotional sense of the surroundings that I woke up to every day. When I’m rowing, I follow the clouds, talk to the seals, think about my being, and listen. I take my phone with me to record what I am sensing. It is truly exciting. With architecture, I had rulers, T-squares, pencils, erasers, client disciplines that had definite boundaries. With painting, I only have the constraints of my canvas. Brush strokes, colors, compositions give me a freedom of expression and enable me to put my feelings into art. I think for, sometimes days, about what I want to express on canvas. I practiced architecture the same way, visualizing in my mind what I wanted to achieve before putting anything on paper. I’m able to get my brain, my hands, and my heart all working at the same time. I get so immersed that I forget about time. Sometimes, I come to and I am stuck, sometimes I go to far and don’t stop when I should. Reset becomes a short term problem that takes time to resolve. I operate with the theory that if I don’t make some mistakes, I am not learning anything. I am amazed that my childhood learning has returned to make my aging rewarding. I work in several different mediums: Acrylic, Pencil, Pen & Ink.