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Kathy Dannerbeck

Inspired by time honored traditions and the arts of different cultures, Kathy strives to incorporate different techniques and materials to make contemporary pieces.

She has been pursuing her interest in arts and crafts since she was a child. An active weaver for over 33 years, she began designing and making jewelry to accessorize hand woven garments in the 90’s. After pursuing a career in business, Kathy and her husband owned Beads and Beyond – a bead and button business.

After selling the store and retiring to Camano Island, Kathy again had time to develop her passion of creating unique and original designs. She enjoys exploring the organic qualities of many different raw materials: from wire and metal to an assortment of found objects. She is known for her beach rock jewelry and her woven sterling silver chains.

Recently, Kathy has been exploring mixed media with collage, book binding, recycled materials, block printing and incorporating all types if “po” (abbreviation for things that have potential)!!