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Resha Hanson

Resha Hanson is a muralist, fine artist, and graphic designer currently based near her roots in the Pacific Northwest. Her artistic upbringing nurtured her abilities but the gloomy skies and Seattle’s cold weather had her seeking sunshine. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Hawaii, world travels filled her soul with rich experiences that continue to inspire her work.

Whether it be a massive mural, a miniature oil painting, or a design project, Resha’s love of color is evident and intentionally integrated. Her training in design influences her painting, resulting in beautiful compositions that combine graphic qualities with fine art. Her innate attention to detail and her happy spirit are fundamental to her work and she currently enjoys exploring beaches, birds, and food as subject matter. All together these form her unique interpretation of the world.

Follow Resha on Instagram @resha_hanson and if you’d like to work with her, she is currently taking projects and commissions.