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Richard Reed


I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, and I am an American artist professional shelf taught watercolorist, and illustrator.  The statement” If it’s real, then it’s beautiful” is how I sum up how I view the fine art media industry.


It was natural gift to find watercolor as my chosen medium in my artist profession. It’s a lifelong love of the art, creativity, and learning that brought me to realization that my calling is watercolor painting.

Painting whether it is a human portrait, animal portrait, landscape, or seascape it is my passion that speaks to me. I believe trying, and learning new things is the road to finding who we are as a person’s inner soul. I feel my art portrays this sense of impressionistic realism style within my work.

As a member of a number of watercolor associations I have been able to share and learn from others. My work has been juried into exhibitions including the Keizer Art Festival at the Keizer Art Association 2001 Keizer Iris Festival “First People Choice Award” and past shows in the Stanwood Camano Art Guild Gallery, and Majestic Menagerie Animals of Earth & Ocean Exhibit 2023 Juried Show Lynwood Event Center, and Northwest Watercolor Society “2023-2024 Waterworks Show”.

I feel my work possess a strong sense of artistry and forward thinking that when people see it the work calls to their inner soul.  I credit my love of the art and its beauty to my parents Earl and Louis Reed who always encouraged me in my creative endeavors.




Location Details

Richard Reed Studios

824 Upland Dr,

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

PH: 425-263-7299

M – F 8 am – 3 pm