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Robin Clark

    Born and raised in Staten Island, I was educated in the NYC Public School System during the era when the curriculum included music, art, sewing, woodshop, cooking, metal shop for both sexes. I built my first mahogany table when I was about 13, fashioned a ring from nickel, sewed a shop apron, and much more. This background, as well as having hands-on parents, started me down the creative path.
    For many years after finishing school I worked for a multinational firm and was transferred around the country in various management positions before starting my own competing business. During these many years I also dabbled in many different mediums including charcoal, oil, acrylic, fiber, glass and, always, wood.
    Later, having moved to North Carolina in 1983, I had the opportunity to build a commercial wood manufacturing business. It expanded from creating birdhouses and feeders to include custom designed outdoor furniture in a 15,000 square foot building with many employees. The industry came to a halt with the devastation of September 11th. This lead me to a new career path in designing custom homes drawing on knowledge from courses I had taken way back when I was in high school!
    Retiring in 2014, I moved to the Seattle area to be closer to my son who is in the computer game design industry. Having sold  all of my tools when leaving NC, and needing something in which to direct my creativity I set up a small glass studio in my home. While this kept me busy it didn’t fully satisfy the itch!
    I had the opportunity to renew my woodworking after meeting my significant partner who needed frames for her artwork. But she needed only so many frames which left me time to play in the shop. Once again I started buying woodworking tools and creating in wood. I began making puzzle boxes, cutting boards and, once again, furniture. First, some Mission Style pieces for our own use, then into more creative pieces using more exotic and figured woods.
Full circle!