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Susan Brereton

A Washingtonian, I was born in 1946,  raised in the Spokane Valley and moved to the lush green West side of the state in my early 20’s. Now, in my 70’s, I am free to pursue my passion with art on Camano Island.

My art has been like a sleeping giant in the fairy tales.. resting peacefully until the demands of life were quelled. Now retired, I’ve found the man of my dreams, the recent birth of my first great-grandchild and days have a slower pace. My life-long casual doodling with pencil on paper  grew from stick figures to a desire to really learn to paint. I love people and nature…scenes, animals and faces which stimulate my internal joy, pleasure, calmness and portray the heart of living things. My pleasure is to transmit the emotions I feel when observing the world around me to paper, hopefully evoking a similar emotion in the observer. With great support from this wonderful artist community, I have begun! Louis Armstrong was right! It is a wonderful world!

(My website is a work in progress.. still under construction 🙂