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Mentor Assistance Program

CAA’s Mentor Assistance Program is designed to bolster visual art education for public school students in the Stanwood Camano School District. It was created to help students learn and grow with the help of professional CAA artists. Our expertise in mediums and techniques, as well as our interactions with art resources in the community, can help students expand the breadth and depth of their learning and enhance their understanding of the variety of life opportunities available to people who engage in and love the arts.

The program connects CAA artists with the art teachers and students, currently and Stanwood High School and Stanwood Middle School. CAA artists give presentations about their art and techniques, give classroom assistance for teachers, and provide support and feedback students as they work.

New in the 2023-24 school year, CAA aims to provide art supplies to classrooms. Art supply budgets have been slashed or eliminated entirely. CAA sees a correlation between a diminishing pool of students applying for our scholarships to study art and their opportunities to actually make art in middle and high school. As funding allows, CAA artists will arrive in classrooms not only as mentors but as bearers of necessary art supplies as coordinated with the school’s art instructors.

Please become a member of CAA to participate as a mentor in this program, and/or make a donation to support our art supply fund.